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Grøn - 'Forms & Constellations' CS (AVA61)


Image of Grøn - 'Forms & Constellations' CS (AVA61)
  • Image of Grøn - 'Forms & Constellations' CS (AVA61)

Silt solves eminently as rudimentary notes instruct the heartbeat of coastal lines. The artificial crystalline facade controls the scope of consolidation.

Four studies of maritime meadows that arise in an intricate choir of sheer tactility. Foreboding grievances of white-robed processions among the enclosed folds of varnish. A manipulation of the currents of breath in spite of the traveler, strings twitch as the intake is expulsed. Specific gestures can instruct the formula of forms that have the potential to alter memory.

Edition of 55.
C20. Includes digital download.

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