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Lilac Pavilion - 'Lure' CS (AVA59)


Image of Lilac Pavilion - 'Lure' CS (AVA59)
  • Image of Lilac Pavilion - 'Lure' CS (AVA59)

Feverish pastures speak of nomadism, a lugubrious omen. Meridians emanate a soft glare towards deliverance.

A pale diorama of glass coalesces, chords progress like sourceless summer rain. Guileless wonder bows to a preliminary bath of warm sunshine and a rejuvenating resolve. The method of luring drifting spirits in a magnetic field with a contained endurance. Curved strokes of bleached years awash in lingering mystery devoid of azure skies.

Edition of 55.
C33. Includes digital download.

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