Image of Sequences - 'Emptiness Reworked, Rewoven' CS (AVA88)

Sequences - 'Emptiness Reworked, Rewoven' CS (AVA88)


This new release is available as a cassette and as a bundle with the 'Woven Empty' LP at a reduced price.

Time caught in golden and silver light, the door has been opened, down the stairs lies what has been lost.

An epoch of fog-bound awareness descends into darkness and snow, a ruined rustle restores secrets in silence. As the window opens it belches out an elusive space that ends in mystery and decay. Disintegrating chambers revealing currents of acoustic shapes, the sanctuary of the spirit resonates within. Destroyed by turmoil, formed through insomnia, molded with contemplation.

Featuring nine reworks from Sequences’ “Woven Empty” by these artists:

Canadian Rifles
Cremation Lily
Jim Haynes
Joel Danielsson
Mattias Gustafsson
Pascal Savy
R. Schwarz

Mastered by Stephan Mathieu.

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