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Here you can purchase other titles from the A.V.A. catalogue.

Still available:
Standard Grey - 'Particular Sites and Species' CS (AVA97)
Joseph Lawrence Clark - 'Thendara' CS (AVA96)
Herz Aus Glas - 'Substanzen' CS (AVA95)
Joel Danielsson - 'Atlas' CS (AVA94)
False Moniker & Alethe - 'Weak Locations' 2xCS (AVA93)
Appropriate Savagery - 'Behind The Rope, Your Treacherous Smile' CS (AVA92)
Formless Hours/Uaxactun - 'Vanished Heaven' CS+zine (AVA90)
Ybalferran - 'Relief By Seclusion' CS (AVA89)
Sequences - 'Emptiness Reworked, Rewoven' CS (AVA88)
Mike Majkowski - 'Fields' CS (AVA87)
The Palladists - 'Night The Door Opened' CS (AVA85)
Distance Machine - 'The Setting And The Fire' CS (AVA84)
RG - 'Deep Linked' CS (AVA72)
Modelbau - 'The Lateness Of The Hour' CS (AVA65)
Thorsten Soltau - 'Fabella (The Original Reyneke Demos)' CS (AVA64)
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Shō - 'Speculations' CS (AVA55)
Sequences - 'Beneath The Earth' CDr (AVA50)
O Ratel Ratel - 'Ontmanteling' LP (AVA44)

All releases come with a digital download code.
For sounds & visuals, look at:

Image of Cinema Perdu - 'The Cosmic City' CS (AVA98)
Cinema Perdu - 'The Cosmic City' CS (AVA98)
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Distributed Titles
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